Let’s start here with a quick introduction of the interface.

When opening PecubeGUI, a window will show up with a welcome message (Figure 1). This is the main window where you can access all the functionalities. Here, I give a brief overview of the access.


Figure 1. Main interface of PecubeGUI.

The numbers on Figure 1 give access to the followings:

  1. File menu. This menu comprises three options:

  • New Input file: open a new Pecube project from which to set new input parameters.

  • Open…: open an old input file and load the input parameters

  • Exit: quit PecubeGUI.

All these actions can be called with keyboard shortcuts, found next to the action labels.

  1. Edit menu. Here you can access some preferences for the GUI:

  • Preferences:
    • GUI theme: ‘Dark’ or ‘White’. Default is ‘Dark’.

    • Show Console: allows to show a console when running Pecube, that shows some Pecube running outputs.

  1. New input file. Open a new Pecube project.

  2. Open Pecube file. Open an old Pecube input file.

  3. show output. Switch to the graphic area, to plot 2D or 3D data.