Welcome to PecubeGUI’s documentation!

PecubeGUI is a graphical user interface for Pecube designed to help the Pecube’s users to provide their input parameters. PecubeGUI also offers extended options enabling to check the input topography, fault geometry, and geotherm. Latest diffusion kinetic models for apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry are also included. Finally, PecubeGUI is specifically designed to plot model predictions coming from Pecube’s output files (see documentation).

PecubeGUI is distributed under a GNU license that allows anyone to make modifications and share, as long as the distribution has the same license. However, for the sake of having an official and single version, if you provide any changes and wish to distribute your version, please contact us so that we can integrate your changes in the official version.

contact: maxime.bernard@uni-potsdam.de

Check out the Install PecubeGUI to go through the installation process, and the Introduction section for a quick overview of the interface.


PecubeGUI-beta is now avalaible ! Get it now here: Install PecubeGUI


Provide suggestions

If you have any suggestion to improve the use of PecubeGUI, please you are very welcome ! Simply pull a request here: https://github.com/MBernAca/PecubeGUI_Doc/pulls

Bug report

If you face a bug or a PecubeGUI crash, please feel free to report it here: https://github.com/MBernAca/PecubeGUI_Doc/issues


The first version of PecubeGUI has been developed at the University of Potsdam within the COOLER ERC project led by Peter van der Beek.